Early in 2017, God put on our hearts Mark 9:23 which says, “Nothing is impossible for one who believes.”  This has become the “tagline” around here, and another reason why we are named “Faith Assembly!”  We believe that God has a purpose for every life, and we are going to stand in faith believing for God to work a miracle for your life.  Every person matters, and every person has a purpose in God’s Kingdom.  This includes you!  We want you to feel welcomed from your first visit forward. Hopefully the information below will help you get started in your journey here at Faith Assembly.

About Faith Assembly

Faith Assembly has been around since 1932 in Lincoln, IL.   It began in the atmosphere of the outpouring of God’s Spirit as God was moving mightily in the Lincoln area.  The history of this church is amazing!  We completed our current site on Nicholson Road in 2004.

We believe that the things that happened in the Bible, especially the New Testament through the ministry of Jesus and the early church, are what God still intends His people to experience in today’s culture.  We believe in miracles, in the indwelling Holy Spirit, and that every believer is gifted by God to be used mightily for His Kingdom.  We believe that God has specifically placed Faith Assembly in Lincoln, IL to preach the good news that Jesus still changes lives and that He came to build His Kingdom here on the earth.

Pastors Darren & Kami Palmer

Darren and Kami and their four children began their ministry here at Faith Assembly in February of 2013. They have been in full-time ministry for over 22 years, in various ministry roles.

They met as high school sweethearts in their church youth group, and have been in love serving the Lord ever since!  They love Jesus and are passionate about the call that God has on them.

Darren is a hopeless Cubs fan (so is Jesus, he thinks!!!), and Kami loves her coffee!  Their oldest son Jeremy is newly married (to Sarah) and lives in Dallas, TX.  Alexandra is 19 and is part of the worship team at Faith Assembly.  Jordan is a junior at Lincoln High School, and Faith is in Junior High and is homeschooled.

To meet all our elders and pastors, click here:  Meet Our Team

Here’s a bit of Darren and Kami’s Ministry Philosophy:

  • Love – Without love, nothing else matters.  Relationships are everything.  First, our vertical relationship to the Lord, and then our relationship with others.  Jesus said that loving God with our whole heart and loving our neighbor as ourselves are the two greatest commandments!
  • Servanthood – The practical outflow of love towards one another is that we serve each other.  This provides an outlet for the gifts that God has uniquely given each individual in this church family.  We need every part, and we need every part to function as God intended, with a heart of a servant.
  • Presence – We believe that everything that we do should be built upon the Presence of the Lord. The goal of ministry is transformed lives, and this happens when people experience the real presence of God.
  • Team – Kami and I are not here as a one couple show. We need each other, and their is power in teamwork. We are raising up a team here at Faith Assembly that will wholeheartedly serve God together to see His Kingdom move forward.  You matter, and there is a place on the team for you!

What We Believe

We are proud to be a part of a Spirit-empowered movement, the Assemblies of God, that was birthed in the fires of revival in 1914, with an undying commitment to reaching lost people around the world.

First, there are some core things that we believe about the Heart of God!

  1. God is good and His heart is full of unconditional love for us!
  2. God has a plan for every life to be filled with joy and to give us a hope and a future.
  3. God desires that you know Him and that you walk in relationship with Him.
  4. God has a place for you in His family, the local church, to love and serve one another.
  5. Nothing is impossible for God!

In addition, we have wholeheartedly adopted the 16 tenets of faith that have led the AG throughout its history.  Click here to read them:  Our Beliefs

Worship at Faith

There is a reason that people sing in church.  God commands it all through the Scriptures.  But it is not simply because He likes the sound our voices make!  It’s because when we sing and worship (not just with words but with heart) God inhabits that worship!  That means that He shows up!  Just think of it!  While we worship, the very presence of God comes to meet with His people!  And that, friends, is why we encourage everyone to participate.  We are gathering to worship the wonderful God that made us all.  In addition, every week there is a relevant message from God’s Word to help you walk out your faith.

Faith Kids Ministry

Kids LogoFaith Kids Ministry is growing it seems every week!  Kids are not tomorrow’s church.  They are today’s church!  Seeing so many kids filling the house is so exciting!  Your kids have a place!

Sunday School begins at 9:30.

Children’s Church begins after the worship time (singing portion) during the main gathering.

Wednesday night ministry happens from 6:30-7:45.  Our boys and girls programs are separate on Wednesdays, and our kids are crazy about this ministry time.


Collide Student Ministry

Collide Student Ministry is just beginning here at Faith Assembly for Jr and Sr Highers.

They currently meet weekly at 9:30 on Sunday mornings for discipleship and at 6:30 on Wednesday nights.

Pastor Kami is leading the group and they are having a great time!



Wednesday Night Bible Study

Adults meet together every Wednesday for prayer, worship and Bible Study while the kids and youth ministry is taking place from 6:30 to 7:45.